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CycloneIII 3c120 does not load through USB

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I have just received a CycloneIII 3c120 Dev kit. When I try to load a configuration (*.sof) through USB Blaster, Quartus II gives the following messages: 


Info: Started Programmer operation at Tue Aug 23 15:18:56 2011 

Error: Can't access JTAG chain 

Error: Operation failed 

Info: Ended Programmer operation at Tue Aug 23 15:18:57 2011 


All switches are according to the documentation. But I can't load any design 


Help much appreciated
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After experimenting and looking at the different documents, I changed the SW3.4 to 0 and then could program the device. In the "User Guide", the information tells SW3.4 on, in the "Reference Manual" it tells, that SW3.4 should be off. (Max-enable off). 


So, it seems, that the problem is solved. But the documentation is not clear. 


Am I wrong?