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DE0-CV How to do "RUN" by EPCS64(POF file)

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I bega to use a DE0-CV (P0192) board (5CB4F2C7N). 


I can programmed DE0_CV_Default.pof" to EPC64 on"PROG" mode by SW10 on the board. 

Demo execute "RUN" mode by SW10 on the board. 


In the same way, 

I desiged original program, and I made the SOF and POF file. 

The SOF file execut on"RUN" mode. It is the correct behavor. 



I programmed POF file to EPCS64 on "PROG" mode, verify is Successful. 

But, I can not execute it on "RUN" mode. It does not work at all. 

I used Quatus2 13.1. 


My questin is 

When I generate a POF file, is it need a special setting or something add? 

I want to run the original program on the DE0-CV board. 


Please, I want to help. 

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You can start by checking your setting at Assignment--->Device--->device & Pin Options---> Configuration. Make sure they are the correct settings. Subsequently, try converting your sof file to pof file in the convert programming files. Make sure you choose the correct device. You can screenshot them so that we can help you to check if your settings are correct. Cheers :)

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Thnks to your help. 

I found configuration ROM is not EPCS64 in the DE0-CV circuit. 

DE0-CV User's Manual is wrriten with the EPCS64. 

However, it was S25FL064P on the board. 

I set "Disable EPCS ID check" on the Convert Programming File. 

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