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DE0 SDRAM Control Panel Addressing

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On DE0 board there is a 8 Mbyte sdram with 4 banks. Each bank consists of 4096 rows and 256 columns of 16 bit data. I want to write data to sdram with de0 control panel software. But its addressing style is like 0x000000 (24 bits). But actually rows are 12bits, columns are 8 bits and banks are 2 bits with a total 22 bits. Which bits correspond to software's addressing style? Which ones represent banks which ones represent rows. 


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I figured it out. For people who want to know what they are really dealing with, addressing is like that: 


As you increase address from 0x000000 one by one SDRAM's Bank0's columns increase upto Bank1's last column then it returns to Bank0 this time row number increased by 1. This process goes to the last row and column of Bank1 then it switches to Bank2 and Bank3 with same process until the last row and column of Bank3 which is addressed by Control Panel as 0x3FFFFF. 


You can use control panel to write SDRAM and then you can read the data with a simple SDRAM reader.
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