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DE0-nano Power Supply

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HI there i have a de0 nano wich have a cyclone IV inside and i have the following problem ..  


i need that the output voltaje for the GPIO woluld be 5V not 3.3V... By mistake a supply the board by introducing 5 V in the VCC3P3 pin in the GPIO header and it work! i have an output HI of 5V..but then i look at the schematic of the board and i realase that is really dangerous what i did..but the board work fine thougt... 



Can someone tell me if can i do this... supply the board from the VCC3p3 pin insted of supply from the others headers?? "the corrects ones"  


in the usermanual don't said nothing so i would like to know if someone do this... 




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I don't recommend to use 5V in IO voltage. Datasheet says max IO voltage is 3.9V. It can damage the Cyclone IV. 


3.3V IO voltage should be enought to 5V TTL input or use levelshifters like 74ALVC164245 from NXP.
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