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DE1 SD card and music player demo problem

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Hi everyone, 


I tried to run the demo provided on the CD (DE1_SD_Card_Audio) and if it is working. I programmed the DE1_SD_Card_Audio.sof.  


My problem is when the DE1 is programmed with the demo .sof file and with the SD card properly formatted with FAT16, the audio file on it and the card itself properly inserted the only sound from the headphones is a flash of static if the pushbutton KEY[0] is pressed. 


i have searched thru the forum for help and i came across this thread: 




Solution suggested: 



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It is due to the fact that Pin w20 has more than one function. It can also be used as a programming pin. 


Here is how to fix it. 


go to assignments, device, device&pin settings , dual purpose pins... change the nCEO to be a regular I/O pin.. 


This will fix your problem. 

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However, it still doesn't solve my problem after compiled the code. My nCEO is already set as a regular I/O pin. 


Thank you in advance for any help.
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