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DE1-SoC not powering up

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After receiving a new DE1-SoC I wanted to test if it is working correctly. According to the 'getting started' document and the user manual I should be able to perform a test by setting the FPGA configuration switches to the default values (10010), plugging in the power connector and pressing the power button. When I do so, literally nothing happens. No power LED, no test display on the 7-segs. 


I did change the US wallsocket-to-adapter cable to a 250V europlug cable (mains is 230V over here), but the adapter has 100 - 240V input specs so this should be allowed. 

Am I missing something here or is something malfunctioning (either the board or the adapter obviously)?
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I've heard reports of DOA power adapters coming with terasic boards (haven't seen one personally). Measure the adapter output voltage under rated load and RMA it if it isn't working.