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DE1 USB Byte Blaster Software setup Problem

Hello All, 



I was under the impression that, because the DE1 board has an embedded USB-Blaster that I would have to refer to the USB-Byte Blaster document to install the drivers. I'm running VISTA and went through the hardware installation and now windows registers the USB-Byte Blaster, so happy. 


The problem is when I try to setup the hardware in the Qaurtus II ver 9.1 web edition. I click on the programmer icon, and then click on the Hardware Setup button, which brings up the Hardware Setup box. However, there is no usb blaster option in the "available hardware items". I tried the "Add Hardware" Button, but the only option in the "Hardware type" box is EthernetBlaster.  


I thank you for any help you can give me - Google has indeed failed me.  

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1. Try to re-install driver 

2. When connect USB-blaster to PC, remove all other USB connections, excluding keyboard, mouse, flash / usb drive.