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DE1 - checking SRAM?

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I own a DE1 board and would like to test the onboard SRAM. I'm using the board for learning/hobby, and having issues with the SRAM use I'm currently split between bad design or faulty chip. (I'm experiencing data consistency issues) 


Can anyone point me to a trusted SRAM test bench for this board? 


I've tried the DE1 control panel, lastest versions don't include SRAM access anymore. 

Found out the old 1.00 version on the web, and doing a write/read cycle on the SRAM bring me back an altered file. It's different on each read tho and that isn't the same issue i'm experiencing on my own project (altered data but consistent across multiple readings). 

Can this old panel be trusted? 



Thanks! :)
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I had ever got SRAM test project from Terasic before.  

But don't know if your SRAM chip could work with this test project; maybe you can have a try. :)
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