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DE10-Lite Control Panel Install

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Terasic support provided the following files ( http://mail.terasic.com.cn/~jmlei/de10-lite/de10_lite_controlpanel_v101.zip) and procedure to install the DE10_Lite_ControlPanel on Windows 10 64 bits, and I have successfully used these files and procedure to install. (Email support if you are concerned about the use of the files, Mandy from Terasic support said it was okay to share the link) 


1) Install Quartus (make sure to configure the usb driver after the install) 

2) In the provided zip file, drag/create the bin32 directory to the quartus folder, in my case this was: C:\intelFPGA_lite\16.1\quartus\bin32 

3) I copied the Remaining files from the zip file into the same bin file, so the final bin32 folder is as follows: 


Let me know if you have success.
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Thanks for sharing this :)