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DE10-Lite not recognized in Quartus Prime 17.02

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I have installed device driver for Altera USB-Blaster. Windows 7 device manager is showing "Altera USB-Blaster" in USB devices but the device is not shown in Tools->Programmer. I have added the device (10M40DCF484) manually using Add Device option. But when I open the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer, I get "No device is selected" in JTAG Chain Configuration. Scan Chain option does not do any action (as seen in the scanned image). 

Thank you very much for your help.
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Click the Setup button to select the USB Blaster hardware.

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Hi Zubair, 


1. Have you turned on the hardware/ development Board? 

  • You can add device in programmer without turning on the board. 

  • You can see USB blaster available in device manager without turning on the board by just connecting the USB blaster to the PC. 

  • But signal tap we can't add like that, it will automatically detect or by setup option. 


2. Have you loaded any .sof/.pof ? 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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Thanks sstrell and Anand for your replies. None of the suggested items worked. I have found the cause of this issue to be a conflict between Altera USB Blaster device driver and another USB to JTAG device driver from TI board that I am using to interface with the DE-10 Lite board. Apparently both use FTDI chip. Fortunately, the TI board I am using also supports a second JTAG interface via Blackhawk v2 System Trace debugger that does not conflict with the Altera device driver.