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DE10-standard ADV7180 read access

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I’m currently trying to develop logic that tries to read ADV7180 internal registers using the I2C interface (i.e., I2C_SCLK and I2C_SDAT) using PIN_Y24 and PIN_Y23. Looking at the schematics in the DE10-Standard.pdf document, I noticed that the I2C_SDAT doesn’t appear to be pulled up.  


All the other I2C-related pins on the DE10-Standard board have pull-up resistors. 


The FPGA demonstration example (DE10_Stanadard_TV) contains I2C logic connected to the FPGA_I2C_SDAT and FPGA_I2C_SCLK but, looking at the Verilog code, it appears that it only works for write access. 


My question is, am I supposed to be able to do a I2C Read Access from the ADV7180 chip on the DE10-Standard board using the FPGA portion of the Cyclone V? Has anyone tried this with success? 



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This has been resolved by Terasic support. I've tried issuing read access to the ADV7180 using the hps_i2c_switch example and have verified that it works. Also, the pullup resistor is on page 10 of the schematic diagram. Although I haven't been able to use my own FPGA logic to access the ADV7180, but that is probably due to issues on my end such as not properly designing an I2C device, etc.

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