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DE2-115 Multiplexed SRAM

Honored Contributor II

Using TerASIC SRAM component (tested and verified) and wanted to add a second Avalon MM slave. Created a second component with a MM master and a signal to control the mux selection. SRAM component is attached to NIOS CPU with address_master and data_master and attached to my component via SOPC builder. Mux control seems to work. When I select CPU, i can read and write SRAM from the CPU. However, when I try to access via my component, I get all 0xFF. 


Basic design of my components memory master is this (all I want to do is read the SRAM. It is inside an always loop based on system clock: 


state 0: 

chip_select_n <= 0; 

write_n <= 1; 

address <= {12'b0,address_to_read); 

read_n <= 0; 

lbe_n <= 0; 

hbe_n <= 0; 

go to state 1 


state 1: 

go to state 2 


state 2: 

my_data <= readdata; 

chip_select_n <= 01; 

write_n <= 1; 

address <= 32'bz 

read_n <= 1; 

lbe_n <= 1; 

hbe_n <= 1; 


Any thoughts on why I shouldn't be able to read on the non-CPU side of the MUX? Is my configuration valid given the Avalon MM paradigm. 


Thanks, in advance, 

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