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DE2-115 Programming: No hardware detected

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i have 3 Developement boards. With the first 2 i don't have problems to program. Since i adoped the project from a collaborator witch announced, i don't know if he did something i don't know to activate the programmer. Now, if i try to program the 3rd board, the programmer doesn't detect the hardware, although all is the same (i think): 

- Same board 

- Same Hardware Settings (All jumpers the same position, board is powered, USB cable connected, Switch on Run: here i don't know exactly why it isn't on Prog, but the other boards can be programmed with a jic file) 

- Same PC (Win 7 Pro 64) Of coarse the driver is the same. 

Has any one an idea?
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Hi there,  


Could you first check if Altera USB-Blaster is detected properly ? You can check this in Quartus Programmer or the device manager from your PC.  


I'm also a bit confused about the file format and the type of programming method you mentioned, despite all the settings are the same on these 3 DE2-115 boards. Is the RUN/PROG switched to RUN or PROG to program .jic, .sof, or .pof ? 


David from Terasic
Honored Contributor II

Hi David, 

thank you for your response. Fortunately i could now program the new board, unfortunately i don't know why... I asume, that i made something wrong while programming but i didn't recognize any differences.  

So far so good.  

As I said, my predecessor implemented the hole configuration. I now have a manual how to: generate qsys, revert (from svw) compile VHDL, generate bsp, revert, compile program since there are some changes from normal generations. 

Anyway, after converting i get a .jic file witch i can program to the board. The switch can be set on Run if i do this. I know that this isn't the straigt way you describe in the manuals. But i am not an microelectronic specialist only concerning on the firmware. (If i get no problems) We are searching a specialist in FPGA but until now we were not successful. 

Thank you anyway,