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DE2-115 board and D5M Camera -- Neighbourhood Operations on Image

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I am using Verilog code which is provided by Terasic, D5M camera's vendor. I understand CCD_capture, RawToRGB, VGA_Contoller modules. However, I couldn't solve the SDRAM controller and other parts. All the things I wanted is to take image with pixel positions. At least, I need to know the RGB intensity values in 3x3 or 5x5 neighbourhood. There are many source code on the web (indeed, upgraded from Altera and Terasic's code) However, all of them are in DE2. Even I changed the pin assignments, there are many errors that I cant change. I need immediate help to finish my term project. Thank you very much for your help!

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When you need to work with pixel blocks you need to save the lines in some kind buffer and then extract single blocks from it for further processing. This can be done using 2 port RAM with different port widths for read and write operations.