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DE2-115 usb blaster on 32 bit Windows 7

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I am trying to install driver for usb blaster for DE2-115. I have windows 7 32. I have downloaded and installed quartus 12.1, quartus 12.1sp1, standalone programmer 12.0sp2, standalone programmer 13.0 and tried to install driver for each and every but have the same error message something like "check whether the driver works with 32 bit". I would appreciate if you could help. 


Thank you. 


Onur Gokce
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Here is how not to do it: using hdwwiz.  

Instead plug in DE2-115 usb, open DE2-115 power, in device manager find usb-blaster, open it, update driver and show usbblaster directory as driver file directory. 

Onur Gokce