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DE2 - 5 MP CMOS Camera sdram data

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I am using the 5 megapixel cmos camera that is mounted to the GPIO 1 pins on the altera board and using the CD demonstration. 


I am trying to read the frames being saved to SDRAM and from the datasheets it looks like the pictures are being saved as RGB after being converted form a bayer color pattern. I have been trying to get a memory dump from SDRAM through nios but have not been able to do that. The memory dump was going to be used to check what the values were for different pictures so I could write a LUT or a color spectrum. For now, I have been looking at random memory addresses to try and find some expected values. 


I took a picture of an all white picture and some memory addresses had 16 bits, where 8 bits stayed as FF (I am guessing the color of the picture) and the other 8 bits random values (the position?) . For the most part I feel like I am shooting in teh dark and finding random information.  


I haven't found information any documentation on the verilog example that came with the CD other than how to use it, so I have tried reverse engineering the verilog code to understand what information is being saved, how it is being saved, and the memory addresses it is being saved to. After 3 weeks I barely understand more of how the camera is saving the frames than I did before. If anyone can guide me in the right direction to understanding how the frames are being saved it would be a tremendous help.
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