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DE2-70 board, weird audio issues

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Hi all, 

I've got a problem that's a little hard to believe/understand so bare with me. 


I'm finding that when I drive a signal on the line-in signal it is echoed on the same channel on the line out but inverted. As I type, I'm looking at a 100 Hz pulse on the input that's coming out on the output. The output pulse is not as sharp as the input, but it starts to drop at about 400ns and completes the fall around 3us later.  


It does this when running the "default demo" and from what I can tell that's not expected behavior. It also does it when I run my own stuff, but I'm not configuring the audio chip at all, so I assume it's in whatever state the default demo left it.  


I'm assuming that figuring out the audio configuration stuff will solve the problem, but A) I lack the time to do so right now and B ) I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what was going on.  


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