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DE2 - CFAH1602B-TMC-JP Initialization Sequence

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I have a Terrasic DE2 and am trying to initialize the LCD and then turn on the backlight for confirmation. 

I've modeled the sequence all the way up to the final point described in the datasheet (link to datasheet (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0b5za7izq3qsrrxj2vklhu3zwrku/view?usp=sharing)), using an FSM. I cannot understand the last state, where it looks like I am to write four different instructions. 


Section 14 (page 17/20) describes the initialization procedure: 

  1. LCD_ON = 1 

  2. Wait > 15ms 

  3. LCD_RS = 0, LCD_RW = 0, LCD_DATA = 0x30 

  4. Wait > 4.1ms 

  5. LCD_RS = 0, LCD_RW = 0, LCD_DATA = 0x30 

  6. Wait > 100us 

  7. LCD_RS = 0, LCD_RW = 0, LCD_DATA = 0x30 

  8. This is where my problems begin 



At step 8, I am to send 4 instructions, but am not sure how to do it, how long I am to wait in between sending instructions, and if it's a read or a write etc.... :confused::oops: 




Could someone help me understand what I need to do next?
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Hi, MMalik, have a try to download CD content on Terasic DE2 resource page, from DE2_default Demo, you may find some design related with LCD, hope it's kinda useful. Nikita from Terasic