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DE2 configuration for NIOS IDE Version 8



I've installed Quartus Version 8 and NIOS IDE Version 8 after using Version 7 for some time. With version 7, there was no problem in using the DE2 board with NIOS IDE - everything worked fine. But since I'm using the new versions, nothings runs. Even the simple examples don't work at all.  


My first tries were to create a new project, using the system provided with the DE2 board. That didn't work: when I started my program, it crashed with a malloc-fault. It seems that the new project needed to much memory. 


Then I tried to import my old projects, naturally with the old system description which worked fine. Then, I ran into a problem that the projects new generated did not build correctly. 


I read in the FAQ that there is now system configuration "currently" available for DE2 boards, and that one should build the system with SOPC generator. I ask myself whether that's the only possible solution - it is erroneous since one has to change hardware models by hand in order to reuse the pin assignment file for the DE2. Or do I have overlooked something? 


I would be glad if there is some helpful guy who could give me some hints how to proceed.  


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