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DE2 for audio processing possible?

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Hi there everyone! 

I've been trying this for weeks i hope someone can help!!! i've developed an audio porcessing algorithm in matlab which processes data based on amplitudes of the audio signal (eg: 0.5, 0.8) -tests were done with wav file. The algorithm works fine but one big ambiguity remains.  


As i was trying to implement it to DE2, i have one main concern, let's say the audio codec samples at 16 bits and if i were to store it in an audio ram of 16bits width, how is the nios II going to read the 16 bits binary data as amplitude? (after recording my voice via mic, sampled by wolfson wm8731 into 16 bits format and stored in an audio ram of 16 bits data width which is from the megafunction, how is the nios II going interprete the data?) Any ideas? or any solution to this problem?
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