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DE2 or Nios II Development board?

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I will be doing a research on hardware acceleration. I will have to build a system using with the Nios II processor and also develop a co-processor. And I will also have to develop softwares to run on the hardware. 


Hence, I would like to know which board is more suitable for my research. I found out that tutorials and examples in building Nios II system for the DE2 development board is quite limited. Most of the examples are tailored for the Nios II development kit. 


Since I am still in the early phase of learning about Nios II and creating a system for a board, I find it difficult to proceed without the right tutorials. 


I currently have a DE2, but I feel that I should switch to Nios II development kit instead.
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Maybe you should. I am using the DE2 board and all the documentation from Altera is for the Development kit. I cannot follow any document exactly and have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I will have to do things differently for the DE2 board. I use the textbook 'Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems' by Hamblen for reference, in which he uses the DE2 board, but that book is very, very basic as far SOPC systems are concerned. I am having a hard time. Not fun.