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DE3 peak performance of data transfer for IO devices

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I am playing with Terasic DE3 board with the project where I am transferring data from TI-ADC via HSMC to DE3 Stratic and, after filtering and compression I need to transfer it to SBC (single board computer) with linux. 


Right now my project is organized as one Verilog module that collects data from input HSMC and transfers it over GPIO. 


It would be easy for me to use DDR2, USB abd SDCARD. 


I tested examples on DE3 CD, but I did not get how to organize it without encrypted NIOS parts and I did not find any possibility to test the performance. 


Would somebody be so kind to help me to understand how fast are: 


1. DDR2, for example can I store and read 64 bit words with 3.75ns, i.e. 266MHz, 


2. how fast I can send data over USB (is 480MBit/s achievable), what are realistic data transfer from DE3 to SBC, for example to FrendlyAVR, 


3. how fast I can read and write to SDCARD (is it correct that this board does not support SDHC?). 


Would somebody be so kind to help me with some simple and clear examples, where I can connect all DDR2* inout registers to something simple, definitely without NIOS and it would be very kind if you can share your knowledge about SDCARD and USB examples! 


Thank you! 




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