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DK-DSP-3SL150N Problum

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Dear Sir, 


we have received StratixIII DSP Dev. Kit from Digikey. With Kit we 

received Altera Quartus II version 8.0, Now there is version 10.1 in 

market. we get license file from Altera.com. Now what we do to get new 

version. Second how we test the ethernet connection on KIT, please sent 

example or tutorial. we tested the kit test given in manual but not able 

how to test Ethernet. 


When be run the "Hell0_NOIS" program it run OK. but we run "simple 

socket_server_0" as hardware NOIS II it shows message as attached in file. 


If "simple socket_server_0" is not work on this kit then sent the example 

to test the Ethernet interface. Board shows the connecting 1 Gbs network 

link on the host PC when we connect cross cable. 



Kit previous Power ON Testing problems are solved by other division in 

SAC, by reloading program through external USB Blaster and doing Jumper 

setting for clk(missing on board). 


Please do necessary action as early as possible, so we can complete the 

acceptance testing of KIT. 



Vinay Chandran 

M/s Sasta Technologies Inc., 

4114, Feafel Court SAN JOSE 

San Jose, CA-95134, USA
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I don't really know how the license included with the kit works, but AFAIK it is valid for one year and you can use it to install the latest subscription edition of Quartus. If it doesn't work you should contact your local Altera representative to try and find a solution. 


Now for the Ethernet, there isn't any attached file with your message... 

To make the Ethernet work you need an FPGA configuration that includes a triple speed Ethernet MAC. I don't know if it is included in the DSP kit CD, but it is most probably with the installation for the stratix iii development kit (http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-siii-host.html).