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DK-NIOS-2S60N -- problem with direct JTAG configuration



I have a dk-nios-2s60n board ( Board and Stratix ii works fine with factory config. When I try to configure Stratix ii with my own verilog configuration (QII 9.0) via USB-Blaster - then the problem arise: 


During the configuration process the LED 4 (Error) is lighting up on the board. After configuration process nothing happens - all LED is dark (except LED 6 (Config_done) and LED 5 (Power)).  


I try to load to fpga the following simple code: 



--- Quote Start ---  

module test(LED); 


output LED; 

assign LED=1; 



--- Quote End ---  



In Assignments edition I write: 


--- Quote Start ---  

LED Location PIN_W15 Enabled 

--- Quote End ---  



All unused pins is configured as tri-stated inputs. 


Could I load to fpga arbitrary verilog code ? Or DK-NIOS-2S60N is preconfigured to work only with NIOS II ? 


Thank you 


the QII Jtag programmer log: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Info: Started Programmer operation at Tue Nov 03 19:43:53 2009 

Info: Configuring device index 1 

Info: Device 1 contains JTAG ID code 0x120930DD 

Info: Configuration succeeded -- 1 device(s) configured 

Info: Successfully performed operation(s) 

Info: Ended Programmer operation at Tue Nov 03 19:43:57 2009 

--- Quote End ---  

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My bad :) 


From DK-NIOS-2S60N reference manual: 


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When a pin drives logic 0, the corresponding LED turns on. 

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