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DM9000A of DE2_NET doesn't even intialize in Quartus 9.0

i tried to build my own project using DM9000A of DE2_NET (demonstration) in quartus 9.0 but nios II cant read or write anything on it. 


is it problem using quartus 9.0 becoz the DM9000A_IF.v file is SOPC 6.0 compatible 


and while updating it doesn't show "iRST_N" in the signal list 


and while using quartus 7.2 and updating it shows "iRST_N" but it shows type as export with error message. even though i correct it to clk>>reset_n. 

it doesnt' word.same prblem cant read/write into the registers of dm9000A using the HAL files 


pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee any body help me on this. i m really falling short in my project deadline
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