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Data receiving Issue having b/w FPGA to Application via ethernet


I have developed the code for UDP packet to send the data through Ethernet using cyclon v  phy marvel 88E1111-B0-NDC2I000 make


->when i try to receive the UDP packet in wireshark application it will receive properly

-> instead of wireshark we developed the one receiver application,that application can't receive any data from the transmitter side(FPGA)


-> I have used another way to check my receiver application is working or not . for this problem i checked PC to PC communication , transmitter side used packet sender application and receiver side used my own application, that time my application received the proper data what I sended in transmitter side, so i hope there is no problem in my application


-> The case is that when try to communicate b/w FPGA to my application data is not receiving ,but FPGA to wireshark communication is properly receiving the data . want the solution for communication b/w FPGA to my application


-> And also i tried (LAN) Straight cable as well as cross cable data is not receiving same problem facing on it


please let me know any body have the solution


Thanks & regards


Aravind P

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Hi, Wireshark should be able to receive the package from FPGA as well as PC communication. Perhaps you can do a comparison from wireshark to identify the difference. Regards -SK

hai sk LIM

please let me give little bit brief explanation