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Design Security Features Stratix IV issue (Terasic DE4 board)

Honored Contributor II

I trying to use volatile Key Design Security Features on StratixIV divice on Terasic DE4 board. 


For this i need to encrypt my design and put it into flash on board. 


In Quartus it's possible to encrypt .sof file into .pof (and some other formats, but not .flash). 

doc: http://www.altera.com/literature/an/an556.pdf 


But in Terasic documents showed only tutorial for programming board with *.flash files. 

(In that tutorial .sof converts into .flash via "Nios II EDS command shell" command sof2flash.) 


way to solve: 


I don't know how convert and encrypt my .sof into .flash 


I don't know how programm DE4 board by encrypted in Quartus .pof file 


How can I solve this situation? 


Terasic support didn't give solution yet. 


Help me Engineers, you're my only hope.
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Were you able to figure out how to program your .pof file?