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Development FPGA Kit for real-time audio equalizer



I'm in the last year of engineer graduate and i have to do my final project. 


I'll do a digital parametric equalizer to fix an ambient audio, i need a help to choose which fpga kit i'll use. 


I need a kit which i can do real-time modifications (using switch, push buttons or something else) in the code to modify the filters parameter's to equalize the ambient and analize the signal to leave more linear. I need a kit that has VGA and AUDIO(in/out) connector, but the most important is the real-time modification. 


I'm starting to use fpga now, so I am asking for a help from you guys. I thank the help.
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There are lot's of boards available, capable of doing this, but you can't go wrong with the SOCKit from TerASIC. 


It has Dual ARM processors, plus FPGA fabric. It's probably overkill for what you need, but it allows you to use either a primary hardware, or primary software approach without much difficulty. 


is also a possibility, but it doesn't have the hard ARM cores, so if you want a processor, you need to build a NIOS processor. 


It will also work well, and is a little cheaper, but having the hard ARM cores is nice in the SOCkit.