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Does the version of Quartus II need to be 12.1.1 to (successfully) run the Board Test System for the Arria V Starter Kit(12.1.1)?


I have an Arria V Starter Kit and installed Quartus 14.0.0, then installed the Starter kit by running the ArriaVGX_5agxfb3h35_start_v12.1.1.exe file.


The kit files installed in the proper directories with the "kits" folder in the same folder as the Quartus executable.


when I try to run the Board Test System I get an error saying that the Quartus executable can't be found and I should check the ini file. What ini file?  


No tech support, no further documentation and no response from Intel. Period.


I'm going to try installing 12.1.1, but I need to do this project with at least Quartus II 14.0 if not 14.1.

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Have to point to correct version when running board test ststem https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/support/support-resources/knowledge-base/solutions/rd01292013_416.html. For other example design in the kit, you can migrate freely to any latest Quartus version that supporting Arria V device family.
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