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Done: A command-line script for reading current values using the Power Monitor

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Hi all, 


I've created a script to read the current values from a command line, using system-console. It's been tested with the cyclone iv gx transceiver starter kit and cyclone iv gx fpga development kit boards, but it should be easy to adapt to other platforms. 




Here is a sample output: 


Board detected: Cyclone IV GX Transceiver Starter Kit Current readings: 2.5_VCC 0.041 A Rail 8 0xbf 0x0 1.2_VCCL_GXB 0.068 A Rail 1 0x3f 0x1 2.5_VCC_GXB 0.057 A Rail 2 0xa 0x1 2.5_VCCIO 0.006 A Rail 3 0x1e 0x0 1.2_VCCINT 0.166 A Rail 4 0xe 0x3 1.2_VCCD_PLL 0.033 A Rail 5 0x9d 0x0 open 0.004 A Rail 6 0x11 0x0 open 0.005 A Rail 7 0x16 0x0  



Please let me know if it works in other environments!
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