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Driver software for USB OTG device mode interface on DE0-nano-SoC?

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We would like to transfer data from a DE0-nano-SoC board to a linux host using the high-speed USB OTG port on the DE0. We need to get about 2 MB/s. At the host end, the libusb library seems to provide good user-level support, as long as the far end will act like a proper USB "device". At the DE0, we would be running linux, but the 3300 interface chip seems to be a very low-level physical interface (ULPI?). Is there software available that will implement the device or "gadget" side USB protocol for this interface, and on top of that something that would provide a user-level interface (since libusb apparently doesn't support the device end)?

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i have the same question... 


I think this would help you https://www.kernel.org/doc/documentation/usb/gadget_serial.txt 



you have to do the same thing. let me know if you win to do it because i have to do it too. 


I have a de1-soc board and i am trying to do the same thing you have said you want to do ( i have changed the hardware a little bit ). Because i am waiting for my DE0-nano-Soc board. And now i am trying to find the device tree source generated for de1-soc just to see the USB node how it's configured. so if you have any idea even if for De0-nano-Soc. it could be helpful. 


PS: sorry for my bad english
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