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Ds-5 debug on Arria 10 Reflex Alaric board.

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I appreciate that this my not be the right place for this post as its not technically an Altera product. 

I did try Reflex first but they just said they do not support Bare-Metal development & pointed me back at Altera. 


I have recently taken delivery of this board & I thought I'd start with a simple Bare-metal Hello World test. 


I took the same project that I had used on the Arria V SOC but built using the aria-10dk-oc-ram-hosted.ld linker script. 

I then updated the DS-5 debug config to use Arria 10 SOC/BareMetalDebug/Debug Cortex-A9 0. 


On trying to load the image over the USB-Blaster I got the following error: 


stopping running target altera - arria 10 soc on tcp:localhost on connection 

connected to running target altera - arria 10 soc on tcp:localhost 

execution stopped in svc mode at s:0xc0021788 

s:0xc0021788 bx lr 

cd "c:\users\gnewman\documents\ds-5 workspace" 

working directory "c:\users\gnewman\documents\ds-5 workspace" 

execution stopped in svc mode at s:0xc0021788 

s:0xc0021788 bx lr 

loadfile "c:\users\gnewman\documents\ds-5 workspace\hello\debug\hello.axf" 

target message: memory access caused precise abort. 

debug precise abort registers : dfsr = 0x00000817, dfar = 0xffe0ac00 


! failed to load "hello.axf" 

! failed to write 8 bytes to address s:0xffe0ac00 

! bus error on memory operation. 

set debug-from main 



! failed to start the target 

! no function named "main" could be found 

warning(cmd407): trying the entry point instead 

error(cmd426): cannot find symbol to start or entrypoint, the file or load commands may be used to set the entrypoint 



In fact Ds-5 cant read any addresses in the oc-ram space. 

On checking further the only memory I seem to be able to access is 0xC0000000 – 0xEF7EFFFF (HPS-to-FPGA). 


Could this be a BootRom issue? 


Any help would be gratefully received.
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I encountered the same problem. Did you solve it? Can you tell me the method?