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Encrypted rbf loading on Stratix IV

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I have a Stratix IV on a a Terasic TR4 development kit. 

I'm trying to load an encrypted bitstream on the stratix IV. 

I'm already able to load an encrypted bitstream using FPP in Quartus II: 


- program the stratix IV with a Parallel Flash loader 

- load the pof directly in the flash 

- program the key .ekp 


Then at reset, the bitstream is decrypted and programs the Stratix IV. 

But it has 2 main drawbacks : It's very slow and I want to have a command line solution (preferably with a .rbf file) 


Would you have a better solution ? Is a direct loading from USB blaster possible ? 

Do you know the related command line ? 


Thanks for your help
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Hi again :) 

I've tried to use the Passive Serial loading using the mblaster tool. 

This seems to allow the loading of an encrypted bistream. I put the MSEL1 to 1 on the board, the cable is well detected by the software. At the end of the loading (on , the tool says the configuration is loaded successfully but the configuration does not run on the fpga ... any clue ? 


I have another question: 

- even if it's very slow, I dit use the PFL loading http://www.altera.com/literature/an/an478.pdf which works 

I'd like to script it but I'm not able to find how to "attach a flash device" with a pof file in quartus_pgm  

Where could I find the way to do that ? 


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I did read altera documentation and it seems to be possible to load encrypted design in Passive serial mode (AN556). 

But I can't find how to do that using my TR4 board ! 

Is it possible ? 

Should I use the USB Blaster ? 

How could I do that ? 


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