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Error: file one or more time limited megafunctions

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I am working with DE2 development board and I am trying NIOSII for the first time and when I am trying to burn my code to my board it gives an error "contains one or more time-limited support megafunctions That the OpenCores Plus That feature will not work after the hardware evaluation time expires. messagges reffering to the evaluation time window for details ". 

I have read certain of the threads referring to this and accordingly I am using Nios II/e but still I am getting the same errors. (I have generated and also compiled the entire code, still I am having the error) 


Note: I am using the following components along with the NIOS processor: 

1) jtag_uart 

2) on chip memory 

3) PIO 

4) clk 


can anyone please help me with this
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