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Error with bootloader for board update portal design

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I have a Stratix IV GX devkit board and I want to use the board update portal design. If I load the .sof file and the software given as example, no problem. 


Now I changed nothing and I try to synthesize it then it was no more working. I have seen that sopc builder show warnings telling that onchip_ram_m9 is not initialized, the same for descriptor memory. Then I check Initialize the memory content for these two blocks. 


I synthesize it and it was ok, I made changes to replace sram by ddr3 but it doesn't work (but it was normal, I have done some mistakes). 


So I deleted my folder and and took again the original one but now, impossible to synthesize my desgin. I always have the message : "Error: Data size does not match the number of bytes at line 65537 in Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File "onchip_ram_m9.hex"" 


I am not familiar with bootloader, I don't understand what happens, it seems that the onchip_ram_m9.hex file is generated by sopc builder so what could be wrong ? Why the descriptor_memory.hex file is given with the reference design and not the onchip_ram_m9 one ? 


Other point that seems strange is the onchip_ram_m9.hex file : 

65536 :04FFFF0000000000FE 

65537: 04100000000000000EC 

65538 :04100010000000000DC 

The first part seems to be an address so why it is not 0500000 instead of 04100000 



Thanks for your help.
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