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External DDR2 RAM with DSP stratix III: Connections of block symbol?

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Hey guys, 


I am also a newbie. 

I am done implementing a NIOS processor with the on-chip memory. 

Now i want to save the Nios program code on the the chip external but on board DDR2 memory. 


When I create the Block symbol with the SOPC builder. I get now a lot of outputs for the most of them I find in the reference document the suiting equivalent. 


But I have some questions: 


1) Why do I have for the output "mem_a_from_the_mem_if_ddr2_emif_0" a 13-port bus whereas I can find 15 adress bits in the reference document? 


--- Quote Start ---  

U17 pin H8 Address bit 0 DDR2_DEVA_A0 SSTL-18 class I F34 

U17 pin H3 Address bit 1 DDR2_DEVA_A1 SSTL-18 class I G34 

U17 pin H7 Address bit 2 DDR2_DEVA_A2 SSTL-18 class I G31 

U17 pin J2 Address bit 3 DDR2_DEVA_A3 SSTL-18 class I N24 

U17 pin J8 Address bit 4 DDR2_DEVA_A4 SSTL-18 class I L29 

U17 pin J3 Address bit 5 DDR2_DEVA_A5 SSTL-18 class I M30 

U17 pin J7 Address bit 6 DDR2_DEVA_A6 SSTL-18 class I L31 

U17 pin K2 Address bit 7 DDR2_DEVA_A7 SSTL-18 class I P25 

U17 pin K8 Address bit 8 DDR2_DEVA_A8 SSTL-18 class I K33 

U17 pin K3 Address bit 9 DDR2_DEVA_A9 SSTL-18 class I M29 

U17 pin H2 Address bit 10 DDR2_DEVA_A10 SSTL-18 class I J34 

U17 pin K7 Address bit 11 DDR2_DEVA_A11 SSTL-18 class I L32 

U17 pin L2 Address bit 12 DDR2_DEVA_A12 SSTL-18 class I P23 

U17 pin L8 Address bit 13 DDR2_DEVA_A13 SSTL-18 class I M26 

U17 pin L3 Address bit 14 DDR2_DEVA_A14 SSTL-18 class I N26 

--- Quote End ---  

2) What are the outputs "mem_if_ddr2_emif_0_afi_clk_out" and "mem_if_ddr2_emif_0_half_clk_out" for? And where I have to connect them? 


3) What are the inputs "oct_rdn_to_the_mem_if_ddr2_emif_0" and "oct_rup_to_the_mem_if_ddr2_emif_0" for? And where I have to connect them? 


4)What memory is the best to use if I have the following on my Dev. Board 


--- Quote Start ---  


■ DDR2 SDRAM device 


■ Synchronous SRAM (SSRAM) 

--- Quote End ---  


Greetings from Spain :)
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