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External signal to Altera DSP Development kit,Cyclone II Edition

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I am Parab from Goa University, Last year we have purchased DSP Development Kit Cyclone II edition (EP2C70F672C6).Along with the kit we have recived some sample examples likes addition on sines waves (FactoryDesign_ChA) ,here sine waves are generated using NCO block .The above design is working fine . 


The problem I am having is that, I want to give analog signal (external) to the ADC from function generator ,ADC DIgitizes the signal and gives it to FPGA ,FPGA then should output the same digitized signal to DAC and I want to see the output on CRO ,I should get same signal wht I have given for ADC.  

can you plese send me the steps or design to solve above problem 




waiting for reply 




Jivan Parab
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Your intended design doesn't involve much more than supplying clocks to ADC and DAC (as in the NCO example shipped with board) and simply wiring the ADC output signal to the DAC inputs. You should consider, however, that both AD and DA interfaces are AC coupled and can't process signals below about 0.5 MHz. 


The most simple way to build the intended design is by modifying a copy of the sines factory design, keeping the clock generation and the I/O pin definitions.
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hello Thx for ur quick reply 


Canyou plz mail me the design to give external signal to ADC and then taken in BY FPGA and FPGA passes that signal to DAC (I want to connect CRO at DAC output ) AT DAC out I should get same signal what I have applied at ADC input 




Plz help me