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Failure Analysis Report


Manufacturer PN: EPM2210F324C5N  QTY=1

Manufacturer PN: EPM1270F256C5N  QTY=1

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Thank you for contacting Intel Community.

Please be noted that Intel FPGA requires details information for failure analysis request. Please help to answer questions below in order for us to better understand your position.

1. Please provide full device details.
1.1. Device name:
1.2. Full part number:
1.3. Date code:
1.4. Lot number:
1.5. Trace code:

2. What is the failure rate? What is the failure rate vs. tested sample? Example: 2 out of 100 units.

3. What is the failure symptom? Please elaborate the failure symptom in detail.

4. When did the failure happen? How did you discover the failure?

5. How did you determine the failure? Please elaborate the procedures.

6. Does the failure unit ever working before failure?

7. Did they violate solder re-flow temperature profiles, moisture sensitivity? Please provide the re-flow temperature profiles.

8. Did you swap the failure device to a known good board? Is the failure following the device or board?

9. Is this a prototype build or volume/mass production?



Please consider of confidential information you might share publicly. If you need to send the information via private message please do let us know.


Unfortunately I was not able to get response from you in recent period of time. If you have any questions for clarification let me know. I'll put your request for close–pending status.


Stay safe and take care!