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Failure proramming my DE1-SOC

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I just received my DE1-SoC FPGA dev board from Altera to learn verilog and system verilog on. 



I just ran through [this](ftp://ftp.altera.com/up/pub/altera_material/14.0/tutorials/verilog/quartus_ii_introduction.pdf) tutorial to get started and everything was working great up until section 9.2 (Programming the DE1-Soc). First off when I hit programmer nothing appeared, so just as it instructed i changed the Device to DE1-SoC and added the sof file. [But my picture of devices only had one device on it, not two like it showed.](http://i.imgur.com/z4oyevj.png). 



I hit "Start" anyway to see if it would work and sure enough the screen just flashed and the Progress bar said (Failed) in it. So i tired a different technique and hit Auto-Detect and selected my specific FPGA which got it to bring up [both devices that the picture showed.](http://i.imgur.com/dsxxznv.png). 



I clicked and dragged the SOCVHPS (whatever the **** that is) and made it the second device and then double clicked the 5CSEMA5 in the list and made it the sof file. [Now it looked exactly like the picture in the tutorial](http://i.imgur.com/az1xyzb.png), but even when i hit start the progress bar still says Failed. 



Please help me program my DE1-SoC, i am excited to learn but this hurdle is annoying and stopping me from feeling accomplished with anything (i cant believe i couldn't even get passed the tutorial without needing to troubleshoot. 



I am pretty sure USBBlaster is correctly intalled as when i plugged my FPGA in it said it installed it. [Here is a picture of my device manager listing USBBlaster.](http://i.imgur.com/orrqy2q.png)
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Maybe u can get a better idea on what was going wrong from the message log. The USBBlaster cable is installed correctly since you can detect the devices

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Have you checked that the DIP switches are in the right positions? I am not sure about that board but some boards you can switch parts of the JTAG chain in or out by use of jumpers or DIP switches.