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Flashing a NIOS II DevKit with Stratix II EP2S60


I am pretty new to Altera FPGAs and Quartus II. To get started I have an older NIOS II development kit. I am able to use it for plain Quartus projects by making use of the Quartus II Programmer. However, I have not figured out how to write my design into the flash to make it permanent. Most posts I read about that, talk about making use of the on-board EPCSxx but it does not exists on my board. 


What I found in the documentation is a tool, to restore the orignal NIOS II configuration. This definitly will come in handy later. But for now, I want to replace this original configuration with my non-NIOS designs. 


Can anyone tell me how to do this? It might me so obvious, but I cannot see the solution.
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