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I working on a project in which I interface with the onboard ADC of DE0 nano FPGA board and use that output to perform a particular task.

The problem which I faced is I created two modules in Quartus prime 1 for ADC and 1 for ADC logic and connect them using block diagram and make block diagram as a top-level entity and map the pin and then flash the code in my FPGA board. As per the code logic when the value of channel 1 of ADC is >600 then the output will be high and else low. 

I connected the led(external) to that output of ADC logic and the output seems to be the opposite of my logic means the led glows continuously and when the channel 1 value is >600 is stops glowing which is not the condition I defined.

I tried everything and nothing seems to be working, hope I find some help here.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you show some HDL code or schematic design?  It's not entirely clear what's going on.  LEDs are active low, so maybe this is just a confusion there.