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Generating composite video with DE2s DAC

Hi all, 


I'd like to try generate composite (Y+C) video with a FPGA. I've got a DE2 board and it has that nice 10bit DAC that's perfect for VGA (0-0.7V with 75ohm load), but I need ~0-1.3V for composite (0-1V for luma and sync + +- 300mV for chroma carrier).  


I read that the outputs of the DAC are actually current outputs ( Does that mean that I can just make my self a Y-cable that ties together two of the DACs outputs to get 0-1,4V without emitting any smoke? Tying together voltage sources without any circuitry would surely not be ok, but is it ok with current sources? 


I really don't want to kill the DE2. It's so nice and shiny. My preciousssss.... :p
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