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HOST PC for fast PCI Express throughputs

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I have a Stratix V GS dev kit which has a PCI Express Gen 3 8x connector. 


And I have bursts of data coming in from 128 ADCs at 12-bit 80MSPS. 


I want to store a buffer as large as possible on my PC for offline processing later on. 

And support for GPU processing in real-time as well. 


The trick is.  

What CPU/Motherboard can sustain such bandwidths on the PCI Gen 3 ports.. 

Hardisks cant write at PCI Gen 3 speeds. 

PCI Express SSD hardisks are fast. 

The only thing capable of such speeds is RAM and most motherboards support 64Gb max. 


I've searched online and there is a ton of confusion regarding CPU/motherboards as well. 


Anyone here familiar with this stuff who can guide me? 


My understanding till now : 

CPUs have limited number of PCI Express Lanes 

Motherboards don't always connect cpus to pci express slots.  

Some of them have bottlenecked PLX chips between them. 


Stuff I've come up with after a bit of research. 

Xeon E5-1600 series have 40 PCI Gen 3 lanes. 

Asus P9X79 WS has a good number of PCI express ports.  

Possible to connect GPUs and a Stratix V and a PCI Express SSD easily. 

Put a 8x8GB (64GB) memory kit from the motherboard compatibility list. 


And you have somewhat of a computer that can sustain bursts of data from the Stratix V FPGA at high speeds. 


Comments and suggestions welcome. 



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