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HSMC Communication Board RS232 on Stratix III Dev Kit?

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I have a 3SL150N SIII board with the intent of utilizing RS-232 to type to HyperTerminal. I purchased the HSMC COMM board P0078 from Terasic. I'm having issues with getting signal from SignalTap. Can someone with experience on this board assist me? I'm not sure if there is any other setup configuration. 

COMM Card Pinout: 

Pin 152 HSMC_0_RXD RS-232 Receive 

Pin 145 HSMC_0_TXD RS-232 Transmit 


Port B of SIII Board: 

Pin 47 HSMB_TX_P0 (ADA_D11) I/O 2.5V PIN_P11 (tx) 

Pin 8 HSMB_RX_P0 (ADB_D11) I/O 2.5V PIN_R4 (rx) 


I mapped these to their opposites and on SignalTap they stay constant high even when typing. Reversing pin assignments show no change. Am I assigning the right pins? 

I have a UART module that takes in rx at 9600. Any guidance is appreciated. 


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Frankly, it looks more like COMM concerns than some DCC issues, I was wondering why you list DCC pins here, could you give us extra hints? 


Since the words from RS-485/RS-232 Interface illustrate sth, there are two multiplexer circuit allowing the ability to switch between an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. This interface contains two independent RS-485 ports and two independent RS-232 ports. Each RS-485 interface is routed to a 2x5 0.1” header and a DB-9 female connector. One RS-232 interface is routed to a 2x5 0.1” header and the second RS-232 interface is routed to a DB-9 male connector. A jumper is used on the board to select between RS-485 port 0 or RS-232 port 0 and RS- 485 port 1 or RS-232 port 1. ,  


Based on above, maybe you'd better help confirm the status of J8 first, is now J8 on DB9_MODE = LOW -> RS-232 SELECTED? just as the picture shows I linked here.
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