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HSMC ports of Cyclone V GT FPGA Development Board

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Hi guys!! 


I've got questions about HSMC port of Cyclone V GT FPGA Development Board. 

I need to use that port to SPI communication and I/O. 



I've read its datasheet and I've notice I can use it like I/O port (?) 



My questions are: 



1.- Can I use HSMC port to SPI communication of 50MHz?? If I can do it, Do I need another board, conector or anything? 



2.-I've noticed that HSMC ports has 172 pins (120 are signals), I need to know if I can use that 120 pins like I/O.  

Can I use it like I/O? If that is true, Do I need another board, conector or anything? 



I need to used 100 I/O or SPI comunication and I don't know if that port lets me use it like I/O or SPI. 



I've never used that port, therefore I'm asking here. 



Thank for reply!!
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