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Help me! UDP payload inserter problem,urgent!

Honored Contributor II

I've added a UDP payload inserter and padding from the famous project- Offload example. 

I can send a short message through SDRAM->mux with packets from SGDMA component (TS Multiplexer) input4> TSE MAC. So there are no probelm with the TSE. I want to send udp payload through : 

prbs generator-> udp payload inserter -> padding -> mux with packets from SGDMA component (TS Multiplexer) -> TSE MAC. But there are no anything on the port. 

the code to start the stream is as follows : 

int main() 


int i; 

UDP_INS_STATS *insert_stat; 

UDP_INS_STATS *getinsert_stat;  


insert_stat->mac_dst_hi = lwip_htonl(0x001AA02A);  

insert_stat->mac_dst_lo = lwip_htons(0xACF0);  

insert_stat->mac_src_hi = lwip_htonl(0x00112233);  

insert_stat->mac_src_lo = lwip_htons(0x4455);  

insert_stat->ip_src = lwip_htonl(0xC0A80064); 

insert_stat->ip_dst = lwip_htonl(0xC0A80065); 

insert_stat->udp_src = lwip_htons(0x07D0);//port: 

insert_stat->udp_dst = lwip_htons(0x07D0);  


start_packet_generator(GENERATOR_0_BASE, 1472, 0x33557799) 


start_udp_payload_inserter(UDP_INSERTER_0_BASE, &insert_stat 

printf("start udp payload inserter %d times \n",i); 




return 0; 


Can anybody tell me the way to solve the probelms.Thank you a lot, give my best wishes to you.what 's problem,
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Honored Contributor II

I have solve the problems. I have changed the mulplexer of Ethernet,the orignal code is OK. But now I meet another problems. The Avolon st is 32-bit, but my source data is bytes, the payload count may be 491 or other number which can't be divided by 4. Does anybody have a good ideas to deal with the problems. Pading zero can't solve the problems!!!I think so. Give my best wishes to you