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How could we know the address or offset of registers in N3000-2 and access or modify them?


We want to access the registers of N3000-2 board with dpdk or some other methods, but we don't know base address or offset of registers. We found some addresses in Factory_Image nlb_lpbk.sv(picture reg.png) and the example of hello_afu.c or hello_fpga.c, but we dont know whether the address of scratch_reg is same with Factory_Image or hello_afu.

In one word, we would like to know the address and offset of scratch_reg which we could use in our work, and we could access and modify it as we want.

Anyone knows how should we do or any solutions could be provided?

Thank you very much!

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The scratchpad register offset is defined by you in your RTL. Thus it is not the same in NLB vs Factory vs hello_afu.