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How to apply External clock to DE2 board

Hi, I would like to apply External clock to DE2 board. But I can't use a function generator because it does not take an SMA wire. What can I do???? Please help. Thanks! Also how to use oscilloscope?????

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Re: How to apply External clock to DE2 board

Hello Horzan667, 

It could be that i did not understand your question very good but: The DE2-115 has 2 SMA connections, one for clock in and 1 for clock out. You can use these. 

If your clock frequency is on te low side you could also use a GPIO pin to connect the clock to a simple digital input of the fpga. I would advise to use this clock signal to drive a PLL and then use the output of the pll to do the rest of the job. 


Best Regards, 

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