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How to generate 644.53125 MHz clock in Arria V GT board.

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I'm working with 10G Ethernet MAC- 10G base R example design. I need to supply REFCLK is equal to 644.53125 Mhz using on board clock generator /oscillator. I don't want to use external clock supply. i want to use on board clock.  

Since Arria V GT have ( U53: Si5338 Programmable Oscillator Use Clock Control GUI (Defaults CLK0=625 MHz, CLK1=156.25MHz, CLK2=125MHz, CLK3=125MHz)). 

I need to generate 644.53125 MHz. How to achieve this.? 


thanks and regards 

Vinod Kumar
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You can use the Clock Control to change the clock frequency ie CLK0 to your required frequency. Note that the frequency will be reset to default after you power cycle the board.