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How to proceed to send to analysis 2pcs EN6337QI / ALC3-1AB408490003




We have an issue with ​EN6337QI / ALC3-1AB408490003.

Please see attached the report with the failure description.

More information below:


  1. What is the failure rate? What is the failure rate vs. tested sample? Example: 2 out of 100 units.

Starting 1st of June up to 23rd July as monitoring period, from 344 we have 14 pcs related to this component issue.

This would mean 4.07% Failure Rate

  1. What is the failure symptom? Please elaborate the failure symptom in detail. 


Symptom: Card Failure Infrastructure at -5°C

Card is working properly at 25°C, but at climatic cycling (-5°C), component crashes.


  1. When did the failure happen? How did you discover the failure? 


At climatic cycle (-5°C),, where we are rebooting the cards, card doesn’t work no more.

Placement of the component is 3 on the board, it always fails on the same 1/3


  1. How did you determine the failure? Please elaborate the procedures. 


According with the electrical scheme, we measured the resistivity between the resistor in connection with and ground, with a multimeter.

  • On a failed board value was between 4-6Ω
  • On a good board value was 98-100Ω

After replacing the defective component, result was always pass



  1. Does the failure unit ever working before failure?


Yes, the process is split:

- FCT (Functional Testing) – working properly

- FST (System Climatic Testing)

6. Did they violate solder re-flow temperature profiles, moisture sensitivity? Please provide the re-flow temperature profiles. 

We performed XRay on the component mounted on SSY level to check if any soldering issue might have caused internal short of the component

No trace identified as risk of might have caused this behaviour


  1. Did you swap the failure device to a known good board? Is the failure following the device or board?


Impossible as the component present already internal shorts


Thank you and Best Regards,


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Hello Alina,


I sent an personal email to you with DPR form.

Please help to fill it so i can help you to proceed with the failure analysis request.




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